Monday, September 5, 2016

Capacity building to other small NGOs/ CBOs: A Swanirvar initiative

From 1990, Swanirvar is working with some experimental models for rural development. From 2010-11 onwards are trying to spread the successful models by various means. Last two years we are working with marginal farmers on ensuring Food as well as Nutrition security. This was designed by our senior agriculture trainers and one medicine graduate.
In 2016, we are working with two major missions -
A. Spreading the ideas and concept of 'Nutrition security'- in 100 villages with small NGOs and CBOs.
B. 'Improved Mid day meal in school'- involving Pupils, Parents, Panchayats and Teachers of 30 schools to start gardening in school campus, involving parents and panchayats on adding values in Mid day meal programme, designing Mid day meal based on season and nutritional requirements, etc
Recently, State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development( brought trainee Smaity Education Officers, SI of Primary Schools and reserchers from NIRD, Hyderbad for field expeiances and sharing ideas with us.
On 1st-3rd September, 2016 Our trainers went to the Stone Crusher Areas of Birbhum - Rampurhat - (NGO NAME: MSMHC, Run by Christian Missionary Sisters; SUPPORTED BY:IGSSS). They trained 148 tribal and Dalit women in three days on - making small vegetable gardens in fallow lands in the dry zone, Use of Biological and Botanical pest management, mushroom culture, multiple use of space, distributed folk seeds, introduced some basic ideas of Nutrition security, concepts on low cost nutrition food, etc). Next follow up in Nov-Dec,16
(We are currently seeking part time volunteers/ interns; Write to us:; Tel: 9732524526)

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